Eastern Revetment & Main Breakwater Repair

In conjunction with Baird and Associates Ltd., the Hammond Marina will be conducting and supervising repairs for the improvement to the Marina for the enjoyment and use of our patrons, visitors and the Hammond Community.

Work will include repair of rubble mound structures near the Hammond Marina including 540 linear feet of revetment and 1,070 linear feet of breakwater. The project involves placing new armor stone over the existing structures, salvaging and reuse of existing stone, a cast-in-place concrete sea wall, modifications to an aid to navigation, and an intake pipe relieving platform.

Work is set to get underway in June and will continue for several months. Please refer to this page often to determine if any construction work will interfere with your intended plans at the Marina and to keep apprised of work updates.

Revetment & Repair Update Log

06/10/2019 – This is where the updates will be entered.